Welcome to Imagna Valley

The green garden of Milan, a land rich in art, culture, historic villages, well-being, good cuisine and flavors of typical Italian local traditions

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Chestnut path in the Imagna Valley

Preparation of roasted chestnuts in the Imagna Valley

Welcome to Imagna Valley, land of art, nature, sport and wellness

Immersed in a naturalistic context still almost untouched, the Imagna Valley is an area surrounded by the green of meadows and woods in the pre-Alps area of the Bergamo Orobie. Ideal destination for nature and sport lovers, it offers a wide range of opportunities for hiking, golf, forest walks, mountain biking, horseback and llamas riding, in a natural landscape quite varied passing from the soft shapes of the hills with the vineyards of Almenno to the more rugged shapes of the mountains with the mountain top of Resegone.

The artistic and cultural testimonies as well as the rural architecture,some of which are recognized at national and European level, enrich the experience on the territory.

Welcome to the Imagna Valley and have a good stay!